$Id: pgp-clients.html,v 1.4 1999/08/17 06:55:52 aoki Exp $

I've tried out the following methods of handling PGP mail.

The emacs interface works about as you would expect. I did not try anything fancy - just sent myself some encrypted mail (from Eudora) and tried to read it. I did not try anything with attachments because my default MH-in-emacs reader setup doesn't handle them.

This combination of PGPFreeware and Eudora was pretty bad. Although PGPFreeware is supposed to be a fairly transparent "plug-in" for Eudora, the "one-click" method for encrypting the message body just didn't work (it left off the PGP "---BEGIN---" header, which rendered the message unreadable without manual editing), you can't encrypt enclosures individually, and the UI was horrible. Basically, I ended up having to do text encryption without the plug-in interface (cutting and pasting using PGPTray).

The Pegasus interface is fairly intuitive and you can encrypt and decrypt individual attachments. This is what I'm using now. (As an added bonus, Pegasus crashes a lot less frequently and starts up a lot more quickly than Eudora. It also doesn't insist on reformatting your saved mail in proprietary ways that are almost impossible to reverse [e.g., separate the attachments or use x-html tags]).